Work It Out

IMG_0511I worked with two of my friends, Olivia and Chelsea to create a workout video that incorporates using minimal equipment that you can find around your house to ensure that everyone can stay healthy and fit without fancy equipment. To encourage more of a healthy lifestyle we also included beneficial pre and post workout snacks.

Throughout this project we had to go through the process of research, planning, filming, and editing. The most difficult part of this was by far the editing. Just when we thought that we had perfected something, another problem would appear. Even using an app like iMovie brought on a lot of issues. We definitely had to use our problem solving skills to create our video.

This project related to our mission statement and what our school is all about. We are helping students have a “healthy and well balanced lifestyle,” and helping us learn to “solve problems creatively and ethically,” because of the many challenges we overcame. This project really helped others but also my group because it built our skills in media, but also helped our peers stay healthy.

Although we faced challenges with editing, in total our group didn’t have too much experience with failure throughout this process. I owe this to the way our group worked so well together and how we were ahead of the game. We actually got some of our filming out of the way a week or two before we started working on the passion project in class because we knew that we’d probably need longer to edit and film other sections. Not procrastinating and making sure everyone in our group had equal work loads and helped us succeed.

I don’t think we actually succeed with our project until very close to the end. We thought we had completed the project multiple times, but then something would go wrong with editing and we were setback. The moment we started to near the end of the process was when we decided to save our movie with the talking audio and reinsert it into iMovie. We figured out that having multiple voiceovers in one part of the video was causing problems. I feel like the members of our group benefited the most from overcoming these challenges because we will be able to use our new skills in the future. It is important for us to know how to edit videos on a basic level because we often need to make videos for classes.

Overall, I am very happy with how our video turned out and how well our team worked together. We created something that benefits ourselves and others by helping them lead a healthy lifestyle. Now we just need to upload our video to youtube and share it with our peers to encourage everyone to Work It Out!


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