Half Sunrise
By: Hattie White

A shadow cast over the
dewy grass and and track,
as black as tar.
An orange tinge seeping over
the top of the stadium.
Barely there, yet creating
a strong warmth.
Filling in the gaps and
emitting a veil over dark and light.
A shadow, a glimpse,
Making a half sunrise.

By: Hattie White

Plastic cups scatter the lawn
filled with lemony edlerflower cordial
and stuffed with paper napkins
that have wiped up messes of
cousins, totting around, knocking
over everything in their way.

Magpies fly overhead.
“One for sorrow, two for joy”
A french exchange student
dips in the pool, inhaling chlorine,
slipping away from the chaos.

The barabeque sizzles
and burns the chicken.
filling the air with the smell of
char and rosemary.
sending my mother into a panic.
until a little girl dressed
in a frilly socks and a flower printed dress
starts to bawl and gives her something
better to worry about.

Inside, through the glass,
Is a frail women who smells of
perfume and fresh linens.
The only one left of her generation.
Overseeing her family with a watchful eye.

By: Hattie White

A vest to hold a head above waves,
enveloping a neck to keep it safe.
A dripping popsicle, making hands sticky
with tangy juice, just to be washed off by lake water.
The ringlets of a little girl’s hair that becomes
translucent when hit with sunlight.
The warm light that casts over the gardened walls
in the early morning before people start to stir.

By: Hattie White

Soft like the top of a newborn baby’s head.

Cool like a gas station on a sweltering summer day.

Vast like a blade of grass is to an ant.

Easy like letting the current carry you.

Thoughtless like comforting your crying sister.

Hushed like searching for the sound of silence.


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