This year in geometry I have learned not just a lot of math, but also about myself and managing my self. Last year we always had study guides made for us and I didn’t have to find resources myself very often. This year we will usual have some sort of study guide but it isn’t enough to help me get the grades I want. I have learned to use my notes, classwork, and other online resources to help me study. I think that in high school I will need these skills because there won’t always be a study guide for me. I am glad that I am learning how to manage myself now before it is too late.

One project that really helped me grow and experience something that was a big challenge was when we were asked to create our own study guides with original problems. This in itself was a form of studying and much more work than just completing the problems. I got very frustrated and stayed up late working on it and I finished it. I struggled but also got a lot out of this experience. I am glad that I am pushed to do things like this that are out of my comfort zone because without them I wouldn’t be as successful in the long run.


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