Pathway Day

On Thursday, February 2nd the whole eighth grade took a break from classes to explore options for our high school future. At Ann Richards we have a class every year of high school dedicated to a certain field, this is called a pathway. There are three options; biomedical, engineering, and media tech. We went around to each pathway and learned about what you study in them. Each group was talking about all of the great things that happen in that pathway, but what they really want is for you to be in the right place and to grow in that environment.

The first pathway we visited was the Biomedical Pathway (Biomed). There was a panel of students from each grade to tell us about their experience. I learned about what type of person would enjoy this pathway. Biomed is great for people who want to learn about science, the human body, and enjoy doing labs, experiments and don’t mind taking science-iconnotes. You cover the intros to a lot of different medical sciences like forensic sciences, human body systems, and neurology. This pathway called to me a lot because medicine and the medical field have always interested me. I find science amazing and have always wanted to go more in depth.

The next pathway we visited was Engineering. We were told about some projects you do in the pathway and the basic outline of what it looks like in that class. Some of the projects that really stood out to me were making benches, bread boarding, and a big project a group chose was to make a jungle gym. In engineering you are almost always working engineering-gears-icon_245578on a project which I thought was very unique compared to other classes. We were also told some about how diverse the field of engineering is which interested me. I thought that Engineering sounded great and I could do well in it, but I personally prefer making sketches for planning phases and solving problems but I don’t always love the building part of the process.

The last pathway we visited was Media Technology. I thought that the presentation was very insightful because we got to see projects the students made. Media Tech involves a lot of film-making and animating. It is great for people who like art, graphic design and being creative. I thought it was exciting that you get to learn so many things about filming and using cameras, microphones, etc. I am someone who does enjoy being plainicon-com-53082-a974-256pxcreative but have never been extremely interested in going into the media field so this pathway did not particularly appeal to me. I plan to express my creativity through taking art and yearbook in the future. Despite this I could really appreciate the projects I watched because they had so much effort put into them.

In the end, I chose the Biomedical pathway as my first choice. Like I said, I felt very drawn to this pathway and it seemed like the best fit for my interests. Choosing a pathway is a personal decision and others should not influence the choice. It was important for me to forget about what all my friends were doing and what my family would think. Each pathway has individual qualities that will help different people in different ways. I still feel confident and agree with my choice.


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